iPhone free life

So yesterday I turned my iPhone in to the local Apple retailer for repairs. The 4G wouldn’t work, and it started bugging me like crazy, so I figured I would take advantage of Apple’s one year limited hardware warranty. It wouldn’t be a problem as I would get a rental phone I could use meanwhile, but apparently Apple is giving away free repairs to iPhone 5 with battery issues, so everyone is doing that right now, and all the rental phones are out and being used. “Ok” I thought to myself, “I can live a week without a phone”. Now it has been 15 hours without my phone, and I am already starting to experience withdrawals.  Last night before I went to bed I wrote this:

It’s day 1, and I put my phone in for repairs for approximately 5 hours ago. It’s going pretty good. I haven’t experienced any big withdrawals yet, other than that I often find myself touching my pocket to pick up my phone, or wondering where I left my phone. Only bummer I have encountered today is that I wanted to check up a movie on IMDB I was about to watch. Just to figure out what rating it had. I ended up watching a movie which had 6 stars out of 10, something I probably wouldn’t have watched if I knew the rating ahead of time. But I can’t call this a major problem.
Tomorrow the first real problems will probably occur, as I now don’t have any alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. Nor can anyone contact me while I am on this tech-fast. I hope I don’t get any phonecalls from future employers. 

On the bright side I experienced this morning that I had no problems of waking up early without an alarm, and I didn’t spend an awful lot of time before I went to bed last night checking updates (eg. pinterest, facebook, snapchat, instagram, you name it) before I went to bed. I am excited to see how life is going to be different today as I have a few errands to run and some projects, and I wonder how it will affect me that Apple is showing off their new products tonight at 19:00 Scandinavian time (10:00AM PST).

Alright, talk to you soon!

Love, Andreas