Chai latte: DIY

Fall has fully kicked in here in Norway; the trees has started to change color, and the scarves has been in frequent use. A couple of days ago there was even snowing! And for me fall time is time for cozy teas with some spices. Pumpkin spice latte, and chai latte all belong to fall time for me, but it’s hard to make them as good at home as the local coffee shop can make. One of the reasons is simply that the tea is too weak, and you end up with a tea with milk more than a latte. Being a barista, I know that in flavored lattes we use syrups to flavor the coffee or tea. So I figured I’d make some chai tea syrup. Then I know it will be natural not artificial as I have a suspicion that some of the syrups are made. And I was surprised on how easy it was!
You can either make it by mixing the original ingredients that make chai tea in the first place, or buy chai tea at a local grocery store or tea house. I did the latter, just because I found it easier (and cheaper).
So this is what you do: you mix water, chai tea and sugar, and let it boil on medium for 30 minutes ish. (Depends on the amount you make). For 1 liter of water you use 200 grams of sugar (to make it sweeter you can add a bit more). For the amount of tea, I would take around 30grams. Maybe a bit more if you like it strong.
After 30 minutes with continual-ish stirring, you pour it through a strainer into a container that can hold hot liquids.
Now it’s good for 2 months, and you only need around 2-3 table spoons per cup of latte.
Easy easy, and it’s a perfect birthday gift for someone if you have it in a cute container. And so cheap!

Update: Shake your bottle or container before use. I noticed that some of the chai sank to the bottom, so to not miss some of that heavenly chai, just lightly shake it before you start making your chai. 🙂

2nd update: If you feel like the latte you make with the syrup is “too much”, just mix in some water with the syrup. You will still taste the chai, but it won’t be so strong tasting. So this is the last time I’m writing about this syrup. Hehe. Peace out! 😎✌️